If someone asked me how this semester was for me I would say "Terrible!", but that's not fair 'cause I would be ignoring somethings that are worth remembering...

Since January a lot have happened...but the highlights certainly were:
-my New Years kiss...if I say Jordelicious my friends will get it
-having the most amazing time of my life with people I had no idea I would love so much and miss them every single day after we were back to Brazil
-realizing how much I love my family
-getting more and more confused about what to do after college
-making new friends
-losing one the most loved "persons" in my life
-getting a tattoo
-liking someone and not be corresponded
-realizing one more time that I never choose the right person...I always get hurt in the end
-moved apartment
-realizing that the most unexpected person is one who I can always count on anytime I want
-having the worst final grades ever...I've never felt so dumb
-miss ICP everyday!

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