My Blueberry Nights

I watched this movie during the weekend with my best friend...I don't believe he liked it much, although I LOVED it!
Directed by Wong Kar Wai, one of the best filmmakers of this past few years. This movie opened the 2007 Cannes Film Festival.
The ambiance, and masterful composition of plans, are the strenghts of the work of the director. The film brings an exceptional photo, full of games, color and shadow, the work of Darius Khondji. He was director of photography for Delicatessen (1991), and is one of the most renowned of the moment. The soundtrack for My Blueberry Nights was signed by Ry Cooder (Paris, Texas).
So here goes the plot of it:
Jeremy(Jude Law) is an émigré from Manchester who owns a small New York City cafe that becomes a haven for Lizzie(Norah Jones) as she tries to recover emotionally following the end of an affair.

She decides to take a soul-searching journey across America to resolve her questions about love while encountering a series of offbeat characters along the way. Lizzie regularly sends postcards to Jeremy without revealing where she lives or works and, although he tries to locate her by calling all the restaurants in the area, he fails to find her.
Elizabeth returns to Manhattan and, discovering her ex-boyfriend has vacated his apartment and moved on with his life, returns to the cafe, where Jeremy has had a stool at the counter reserved for her ever since she left. As she eats a slice of blueberry pie, Elizabeth realizes her feelings for him are reciprocated.

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