do you know those days when you get what you wanted but after getting it you start to feel bad about it and don't know why??
for me these are the worst days ever...the hours simply don't pass and you feel guilty and selfish for the whole day...in these days I wish I could go to bed and just wake up at least 1month after...OH, HOW GREAT WOULD THAT BE!!!
at the moment I feel like I don't deserve to live. for me get what I want people who I love will have to make huge sacrifices when if made another decision I would save them lots of hard work and sadness...so why I don't change my mind? The answer is simple I'm selfish and I don't want to get the other road to get where I want...
the thing is: I want to go to university...but going to a private one is too expensive and my parents want me to go a public one,but to go to the one they want me to go I would have to live with them for more half year...and I can't stand it anymore!I wanna move out, start to live my own life...and now I have this chance 'cause I entered into a private university...but to afford me living in another city and paying for my studies is too much for my parents...it's possible to happen but they would sacrify themselves just to let me go...
and now I'm feeling terrible about making them do it for me...I don't know what to do! Not going to uni now seems like the end of the world for me... Go to prep school is the most horrible thing that can happen to someone who finished high school, specially when you feel like you need freedom!

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