My newest friends

Finally my vacations are over!
I couldn't stand it anymore...
3 months of vacation is a long time, at least for me, after a certain point it becomes boring and depressing. That initial joy of not having routine, sleep late, go to bed at dawn, spend the day doing nothing, going out with friends, go along: IT ENDS!
Now I'll go to prep school to pass the vestibular at the end of this year... I have my routine back...and to accompany me during this year of prep with the classes from 1pm till 9pm, I received new friends: books!
I really hope that this year of sacrifice (if well done) will turn into a good result at the end of the year.
After all, 8-hour class and at least 5 hours of study per day, should be rewarded. And it will: when I see my name on the approved list of Law School from USP...
So good luck to me and a good year for everyone!

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