PUB 340

The view from outside the club
My friend V and me inside the pub...
The band

The best thing to do while you're in another coutry, is try to learn more about the culture and habbits of people who lives there. That's probably the best thing about doing an exchange program.
On July of 2008 I had the chance of going to Vancouver,BC-Canada. I was lucky to go there during the summer. I could enjoy at least 18h/day of sunlight and a marvelous weather. Can you believe that during the whole month that I stayed there, it didn't rain???Yeah!
It was pretty awesome going there. My host family was simply amazing and my school(ILSC) was full of students from lots of different countries, so I could meet not only the canadian culture as also some others.
During my stay there I learned a lot of things, that I'll probably post here some other day.
Now I want to talk about one of the best places I went there...it's called Pub 340. Opened since mid-November 2003. Most canadian public...it's a perfect place to see how kinda alternative canadians like to party!!! I felt like an intrude the first time I went there, but that's okay. What matters is that the club is very cozy and intimate. Always a good party!!!!
I had the chance to see some local indie band presenting at the house.It was awesome! I think that on Friday's they have a DJ playing there, I'm not sure about it...at least when I went there, they had. The music played at the Pub is always for people who likes something more alternative. So if you like Primal Scream, specially the music Some velvet mornig (the best song ever), you need to go there and check it out.Each day of the week they have a different presentation, so the price to enter varies according to that.
The address for the ones who got interested is 340 Cambie St, Gastown -Vancouver BC.
Enjoy...if possible!!!

PS: the beer jar is a good call!

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